Informative & Creative Copy

How much time is your content costing you?
You’re busy running a small business.

Do you really have time to research and create regular blogs and post compelling captions to social media that entertain, inform and share powerful, consistent brand messaging with your target audience?

Let me do it for you!
Informative and Creative Copy from $350
You get:
  • 1 x 500-word business blog for your website
  • 1 x 300-word article for your LinkedIn page
  • 4 x cleverly crafted social media snippets (to promote the copy on your other platforms)
  • 2 x rounds of edits, before final documents are conveniently delivered to your inbox!
The value added to your business:
  • Consistent engagement with your target audience and prospective new customers
  • A satisfied audience, who build a personal connection, rapport and trust with you and your business
  • A potential increase in followers and sales because of your regular, informative and entertaining content