Informative and Persuasive Copy

Informative and Persuasive Copy_jpg
3 things you need to know about persuasive copy
(before attempting to write it yourself)
  • Do you know the purpose of your copy? Is it to generate leads? Get subscribers? Direct people to your website?
  • Do you have a compelling headline that connects to a specific target audience? Do you know and understand your customers?
  • Does your copy sell the benefits, not the features? How do you make the life of your customers better?
I can write persuasive copy for your business, with clear calls-to-action for your clients
Informative and Persuasive Copy includes:
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • A series of email templates for customer communication
  • Newsletters for your subscribers
  • A brochure / prospectus / flyer to showcase your business
The value added to your business:
  • Concise copy with clear calls-to-action for your specific target audience
  • Professional promotion of your business at an affordable price
  • Regular engagement with your clients to keep them informed and up to date with your latest offers